Todays Dog Blog

Todays Dog Blog

Who was pampered today ???


Tick season is here! Found a tick on a customers dog this week. Check your dogs daily and if you can get them groomed regularly, the longer the coat the harder they are to find. Gone are the days where ticks are only found in bush land.

Regular Doggies

Feeling tied tonight after another busy day grooming. Was so lovely to see Bonny, Joch (Westies) and Herby (Schnauzer) today, they visit Sarah's Dog Grooming ever 6 weeks. Which is fantastic. I just love watching doggies transform through my grooming process :-)

Busy Day

Busy day with lots of 4 legged friends.

Had 2 puppies visit today, which is great to see. It's so important puppies are introducted to the grooming process early. Little Misha (Cavoodle puppy) was very frightened of the clippers however by the end she started to relax. Thats what I aim to do.

Wow I am in the world of blogging ...

Blogging is a new direction for me (Sarah) and my pampered friends ...


Why did I start it ??? I wanted a forum where I could give you my clients and friends and update on what happened, who I saw or perhaps an interesting fact on taking care of your pet ...


What can you do??? let me know if you want regular posts on anything in particular you want me to talk about ... I want to keep this fresh and exciting but also a free forum where we can chat about anything ...


What is really important to note !!!  The views expressed in this blog are my views, based on my vast grooming and animal lover research, training and experiences ... others may have different ideas or facts but this blog is all about me and you my treasured customers ...


See ya


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